Greiter Anita, Miklau Marianne, Heissenberger Andreas, Gaugitsch Helmut:

Socio-Economic Aspects in the Assessment of GMOS-Options for Action.

Wien, 2011
Reports, Band 0354
ISBN: 978-3-99004-157-4
52 S.
This study discusses the socio-economic aspects of the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), a topic emerging at the international level as well as in the European Union. It provides a basis for ongoing discussions regarding the possible consideration of socio-economic aspects in GMO authorisation procedures.
In this respect, the report gives an overview of the legal and political as well as the scientific background of a socio-economic assessment of GMO cultivation. Experiences with socio-economic assessments are discussed and important issues identified. In addition, a catalogue of assessment criteria is presented, focusing mainly on aspects which are of major relevance for Austria, as well as on the risks and potential negative effects of GMO cultivation.

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