Eckerstorfer Michael, Miklau Marianne, Gaugitsch Helmut:

New Plant Breeding Techniques and Risks Associated with their Application.

Wien, 2014
Reports, Band 0477
ISBN: 978-3-99004-282-3
94 S.
This study addresses new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) and, in particular, issues relevant for the assessment of potential risks associated with crops obtained through NPBTs. These issues are an emerging topic in ongoing biosafety discussions at European and global level.
The report provides an overview of different NPBT approaches and highlights specific aspects that are relevant when considering the potential adverse effects of NPBT-crops. The study investigates whether the current requirements for a risk assessment of genetically modified organisms contained e.g. in EU-regulations would provide an appropriate framework for addressing the potential risks associated with NPBT-crops. A set of criteria for the assessment of NPBT-crops is presented and open questions on the risk assessment of NPBT-crops are identified.

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