Zeilinger Martin, Böhmer Siegmund:

State of the Art in the Food, Drink and Milk Industries.

Description of Austrian plants.

Wien, 2015
Reports, Band 0548
ISBN: 978-3-99004-360-8
247 S.
This study describes processes and techniques which are applied in installations of the Austrian Food Industry. Consumption and emission figures are presented for selected processes and for industrial installations as a whole. The report focuses on those techniques and processes which are relevant from an environmental point of view – either because of the consumption of energy or raw materials, or because of emissions of pollutants (relevant environmental parameters or emissions are, in particular, TOC/COD, TN, TP and BOD).
Based on an assessment of the techniques applied and the associated consumption and emission figures, best available techniques for certain processes are described in Chapter 3. This chapter has been coordinated with the operators of the installations, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the Food Industries Association of Austria and the Austrian Dairy Association as well as with the competent authorities.

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