Anderl Michael, Gössl Michael, Haider Simone, Kampel Elisabeth, Krutzler Thomas, Lampert Christoph, Pazdernik Katja, Purzner Maria, Poupa Stefan, Schieder Wolfgang, Schmid Carmen, Stranner Gudrun, Storch Alexander, Wiesenberger Herbert, Weiss Peter, Zechmeister Andreas, Zethner Gerhard:

GHG Projections and Assessment of Policies and Measures in Austria.

Reporting under Regulation (EU) 525/2013, 15 March 2017.

Wien, 2017
Reports, Band 0610
ISBN: 978-3-99004-424-7
151 S.
This report presents information on projections, policies and measures according to reporting obligations as defined in the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (525/2013/EU). It includes greenhouse gas projections for the years until 2035 and describes policies and measures to reduce emissions by source.
The results are based on the scenario “with existing measures”, which takes into account climate change mitigation measures implemented before May 30, 2016.
The scenario shows a 4.3 percent decrease in greenhouse gases from 1990 to 2020 and a 14.6 percent decrease from 1990 to 2035.

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