Global Soil Week

19 - 23 April

Berlin, Germany

This year’s Global Soil Week will highlight the importance of land and soil to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in this, the UN designated International Year of Soils. Language: English is the official language of the Global Soil Week. Simultaneous interpretation will not be available.

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Austrian Climate Day

28 - 29 April

Vienna, Austria

The 16th Austrian Climate Day provides an overview over current Austrian research activities in the areas of climate change impacts, adaptation and prevention. It serves to exchange and contact between all interested individuals and institutions on climate change. Sessions are held in german.

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European Solar Days

1 - 15 May


The organisation of annual "Solar Day" events on a national level aims to raise public awareness of intelligent energy solutions and behaviours, particularly for Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics.An official annual "European Solar Day" throughout Europe will be dedicated to increase public awareness of solar energy as an inexhaustible energy source and to encourage more and more people in the European Union to use it.

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Conference on Wildlife

5 May

Brussels, Europe

The conference is aimed at the authorities of Member States, international organisations, scientists, industry stakeholders and NGOs. The main challenges to be discussed at the conference will be: interaction between wildlife and disease control measures, protection of biodiversity and synergies among Commission's policies relevant in this area.

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5 - 7 May

Hannover, Germany

The 6th International Symposium on mechanical-biological treatment of municipal solid waste, material recovery facilities and Recycling lays focus on Waste-to-Resources.

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Danube Soya Congress 2015

6 - 8 May

Berlin, Germany

The Danube Soja Initiative is organized as an independent, international, non profit, multi stakeholder association, the platform will aim to boost the cultivation of non GM soya in the Danube region. The congress will be organized together with the World-Wide Network against GMO and the GMO-free Regions.

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European Climate Change Adaptation Conference

12 - 14 May

Copenhagen, Denmark

The conference will cover a broad range of issues related to climate change adaptation. It will place a greater emphasis on understanding and assessing adaptation in action under the theme: Integrating climate adaptation action in science, policy, practice and business.

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European EMAS Awards 2015

20 May

Barcelona, Spain

EMAS Awards 2015 aim at highlighting inspiring examples of EMAS registered organisations which have been particularly innovative in becoming greener and which are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

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Nature and Urban Wellbeing - Nature-Based Solutions to Societal Challenges International Conference

18-20 May

Ghent, Belgium

An ALTER-Net conference in collaboration with the European Commission under the auspices of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Please join us for an international conference on Nature-Based Solutions to Societal Challenges. Relevant to research in many disciplines and communities, to EU policies and to practitioners, this event offers rich possibilities to share, learn and connect.

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International Day for Biological Diversity

22 May


This year’s theme - Biodiversity for Sustainable Development - reflects the importance of efforts made at all levels to establish a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda for the period of 2015-2030 and the relevance of biodiversity for the achievement of sustainable development. 

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Danube Day 2015

29 June


Danube Day is marked each year on the 29th of June, when the 14 countries of the Danube Basin jointly celebrate one of Europe's greatest river systems and the people and wildlife that rely on it. Read on to find out how you can get active for your rivers!

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Internoise 2015

9 - 12 August

San Francisco, California

The theme of the 44th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering is Implementing Noise Control Technology. The Congresses includes a large technical program consisting of papers and posters on all topics of noise control engineering.

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