Ukraine adopts EU-style management of electric and electronic waste

The Environment Agency Austria assists in bringing waste management closer to EU standards

© Ministry for Regional Dev./Ukraine from right to left: Hennadij Subko, Minister for Regional Development of Ukraine, his Deputy Eduard Krugliak, Deputy Minister for Ecology Mykola Kusio and Project Counter Part Maksym Barinov.

Kiev, 20 December 2016 – A new model for the management of electrical and electronic waste in Ukraine was presented by Deputy Prime Minister Hennadii Zubko in Kiev today. This model was prepared in the frame of an EU-funded Twinning project on management of wastes of electric and electronic equipment implemented by Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency of Austria), Office International de l’Eau (France) and Regional Ministry of Environment of Valencia, Spain, in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine.


In order to harmonize the Ukrainian legislation on waste governance with the relevant EU acquis on waste, as foreseen in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Twinning partners reviewed over 2016 the different models used in Austria, France, Spain, but as well in Italy and Belgium. All elements relevant to Ukraine were selected and combined to design a unique and workable Ukrainian model for the collection and management of wastes of electric and electronic equipment.


This model was designed in consultation with central executive bodies, business associations and the public at large. It defines the key principles and priorities of all stakeholders for a progressive, but successful, introduction in Ukraine of EU practices for the management of wastes of electric and electronic equipment.

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