Umweltbundesamt participates in National Policy Dialogue in Ukraine

Austrian experts present transnational water project and discuss ongoing reforms in the water sector

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Vienna/Kiev, 28 November 2017 – On 28 November the most distinguished representatives from the Ukrainian water sector will meet for the National Dialogue on Water Policy in Kiev. The objective of the meeting is to discuss the status of reforms in the water sector and draft national priorities for the next three years. The Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources is expected at the meeting, as are representatives from national environmental protection associations and agencies and NGOs. Experts from the Environment Agency Austria will also participate. They will present the first results of EUWI+, a project which assists Ukraine and five other European Neighbourhood Policy partners in strategic water resource management. The transnational project deals with the development and implementation of river basin management plans in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive. A strong focus is put on cross-border and transnational river basins. The European project consortium, which is led by the Environment Agency Austria, will be doing a great deal of work in the water sector in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine until 2020.


The National Water Policy Dialogue is organised by the United Nations Economic Commission (UNECE) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It is presided over by the Ukrainian Ministry for Ecology and Natural resources.

The Environment Agency Austria in a Nutshell


With more than 500 staff members from 55 scientific disciplines, the Environment Agency Austria is the largest organisation of experts in the environment sector in Austria and a leading adviser in environmental matters. The Environment Agency stands for the transformation of the economy and society to ensure sustainable living and lays the groundwork for decision-making at local, regional, European and international level.


The Environment Agency Austria has a demonstrable track record of successful projects in more than 60 countries – from the new EU Member States to the Western Balkans, the Middle East, the Maghreb countries and Asia. It gives advice to UN and EU institutions and works as a partner in more than 200 national, European and international networks, bodies, and working groups.


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