I Live Green – European video competition

© HBLA fuer kuenstlerische Gestaltung; Linz/Lisa Stumbauer

Citizens from 21 countries across Europe sent videos to the ‘I LIVE GREEN’ video competition, showing their big and small actions to protect the environment. Now it is up to the public to select the winner of the Public Choice Award.


Vienna, 30 April 2018 - Many people across Europe are opting for more environment-friendly choices and actions every day. The European Environment Agency and its partners have invited European citizens to share their green choices and actions in the form of short videos in the ‘I LIVE GREEN’ competition. Submissions closed on 30 March and the competition finalists have been selected. Now the public vote of the finalist entries starts. From 1-31 May everybody can vote for his/her favourite videos. Up to five entries can be selected. The entry with most votes will receive the Public Choice Award.


All the competition winners, i.e. the winners in each thematic category (Sustainable food; Clean air; Clean water; and Minimal Waste), as well as the Public Choice Award, will be announced on the website of the European Environment Agency on 5 June 2018, the World Environment Day.

Little steps, big impact


The state of the environment around us is affected by many of our daily decisions, ranging from what we eat to how we travel or heat our homes. Some of our day-to-day decisions are made with the intention of minimising negative impacts on the environment, and consequently on our health. The video competition highlights small and big actions, European citizens take to help the environment.


Further information:

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