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Umweltbundesamt is the leading institution for environment in Austria. As IT services provider, Umweltbundesamt develops and operates web based environmental information systems and supports the development of environmental strategy perspectives for all environmental fields and media.



The division IT Services and Solutions offers a wide range of information technology services, from the development of complete information systems (including web technologies and web services) to maintenance , operation, and web hosting, as well as help desk with user support and user training.

Environmental Expertise & IT Know-how

Umweltbundesamt is the market leader in environmental IT solutions in Austria. Many years of experience and the know-how of the development and operation of environmental software, as well as project management combined with environmental expertise in all environmental fields ensure individual and solution oriented IT applications. Umweltbundesamt's IT experts cover the entire software development cycle (analyses by certified requirements engineers, system design, implementation, tests by certified test team, operation, training and help desk, documentation).



Umweltbundesamt is an IT specialist for data networks as well as environmental measuring and monitoring software. With e-government applications, its experts specialise in efficient data management and the simplification of administrative processes. lT applications focus on userfriendly interfaces and are used by the administration and businesses. Webservices (OGC compliant web feature and mapping services) provide data exchange functionalities between distributed information systems and central portals (e.g. Water Information System Austria, Electronic Data Management portals). Within the framework of e-government cooperation between the federal government and the provinces, Umweltbundesamt is the leader of a working group for environmental information.

Experience & Innovation

In a series of projects, Electronic Data Management (EDM) for environment and waste management was developed and implemented for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (partly in collaboration with external partners). EDM was awarded the innovation prize 2006 of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.


At European level, the EU Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry presented the EUDIN project as one of seven best practice examples of e-government application. The national component eVerbringung (eTransfer) was developed by Umweltbundesamt.


The European Commission uses software by Umweltbundesamt to collect member states data on urban waste water treatment plants. The software helps member states to provide the required data in the required formats.

For the further development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Umweltbundesamt was awarded the internationally renowned “Special Achievement in GIS Award” in 2003.


Umweltbundesamt’s Air Quality Suite provides tools for web visualization, report generators modules to satisfy national and international reporting obligations, and statistical evaluation tools. The software is used by several EC member states (e.g. Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg).

In cooperation with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River Basin (ICPDR) Umweltbundesamt has developed DanubeGIS. The web application provides a platform for exchanging, harmonizing and viewing cross boundary geo-information and related issues.


The Topic Center Waste of the European Environment Organisation used Umweltbundesamt’s Waste Facility Database to collect and visualize waste data on the European level.

International Partners & Networks

At international level, the experts of Umweltbundesamt are active in working groups of EU and UN institutions in order to help develop standards for data structures of electronic registration.


In new and future EU member states, IT specialists of Umweltbundesamt give advice to administrative departments on the management of environmental data to help them achieve EU standards or prepare for EU accession. Projects with IT components include the fields air quality (Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Malta), waste management (Czech Republic, Estonia), water quality (Kosovo), biozides (Slovakia, Turkey) and GMO (Slovakia).