Case Studies


The main purpose of case studies is testing of soil manger suite. This is an important task providing information on practicability of the system of soil manager strategy and soil manager suite in daily use and enabling further optimization of the developed soil management approach and bring it to a “ready to use” stage.


The work on case studies became an objective of specific Local Application work package of URBAN SMS Project.


In total 15 pilot sites were selected (Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Czech republic: Prague - Vavrouska, Prague - Troja, Germany: Stuttgart – Hohlgrabenaecker, Stuttgart – Im Raiser, Stuttgart – Langenäcker-Wiesert, Milano – Expo Area, Milano – Via Rizzoli, Poland: Wroclaw, Slovakia: Bratislava - City, Bratislava - Vrakuna, Slovenia: Celje - Bapno, Celje - Cinkarna, Celje – Teharje).


Each of selected pilot sites was characterized by fact sheet providing basic information such as location, acreage, land use, legal aspects, explanation of the development of the site, the problems identified and the goals strategies and tools to be applied in the frame of URBAN SMS project. Each site is documented also by maps and photos.


Apart of standardized fact sheets several feature articles were written. They provide another background information related not only directly to particular pilot areas, but more generally to whole cities where pilot sites are located.