Climate change mitigation - Drivers & Pressures

What are the related drivers and pressures?

Greenhouse gas emissions in Austria

In 2008, greenhouse gas emissions in Austria amounted to 86.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2 equivalents). They were thus 11% above the levels of 1990. Emissions in 2008 were 17.8 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents above the annual mean value of the Kyoto target stipulated for 2008-2012. If the intended use of flexible instruments under the Kyoto Protocol is taken into account, the gap amounts to 6.9 million tonnes of CO2.


Sectoral emissions

The main sources in 2008 were industry (30.5%), transport (26.1%), energy supply (15.6%) and residential and commercial energy demand (13.8%). In the sectors industry and energy supply, around 80% of the emissions are caused by installations participating in emission trading (Umweltbundesamt 2010a).

Figure 1: Share of 2008 GHG emissions by sector
Figure 2: Development of national Greenhouse gas emissions compared to economic indicators 1990-2008.
Figure 3: Gross energy consumption 1990-2008 (Statistik Austria 2009a)