Climate change mitigation - 2020 Outlook

What is the 2020 outlook?

According to EU's Climate and Energy Package, Austria is committed to achieving a 16% reduction of its GHG emissions by 2020 (excluding installations participating in the EU Emissions Trading System - EU ETS) compared to 2005.


National energy forecasts for Austria which reflect the impact of the current financial and economic crisis on development trends until 2020 are currently under development. Emission scenarios based on economic projections not reflecting the current economic crisis show an increase in greenhouse gas emissions for Austria up to 2020 if no further measures are taken. If, however, measures which are currently planned are implemented and take effect by 2020 ('scenario with additional measures'), emissions outside the emission trading system are projected to reach approximately the levels of 2007. This means that in order to reach the 2020 targets, further measures are essential (Umweltbundesamt 2009a, 2009b).

Figure 4: Actual and projected total GHG emissions in Austria (without Land use, Land use change and Forestry (LULUCF)) (Umweltbundesamt 2009b)