Land use - State & Impacts

What are the state and impacts?

A snapshot of Austria's soil status.


Overall, the Austrian soils are in a good condition, but their ecological functionality is at risk from diffuse and local accumulation of pollutants, intensive use of land, sealing and erosion. Significantly affected areas are either located in the Alpine region, where forest soils are threatened by air deposition, or in urban areas by sealing and contamination. Sealing is also present in rural areas due to increasing urban sprawl and new road construction.

Figure 1: Development of settlement area per capita in comparison with population growth. Source: BMFLUW 2008a.
Figure 2 Percentage of sealed land, 1995-2009, as percentage of the permanent residential space. Source: BMFLUW 2009.
Figure 3: Erosion protection measures on agricultural land, 1998-2007 (National sustainability indicator BO3). Source: BMLFUW 2009b