Kammerlander Moritz, Omann Ines, Titz Michaela, Vogel Johanna:

Which national policy Instruments can reduce Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

A qualitative evaluation for Austria.

Wien, 2018
Reports, Band 0663
ISBN: 978-3-99004-481-0
56 S.
The INNOVATE project analysed Austria’s consumption-based greenhouse
gas emissions. This report summarises the results of Work Package 3, which
focused on designing and evaluating policy instruments for mitigating
consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions.
A set of 15 instruments addressing the sectors construction, mobility and
public healthcare is described and evaluated qualitatively according to the
criteria climate and cost effectiveness, distributional impact, political
feasibility and flexibility. The results indicate that incentive-based
instruments as well as instruments targeting infrastructure provision and
the healthcare sector are most effective in reducing emissions. The most
cost-effective instruments tend to be regulatory but also incentive-based,
while information-based instruments perform best in terms of feasibility
and flexibility.

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