Environmental Management

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We are shaping the future of our planet today. The way we live and do business now determines what our future and that of our descendants will look like. The Environment Agency Austria delivers sustainable approaches to the protection of natural livelihoods and environmental improvement.

As a company, we are aware of our responsibilities in the face of limited natural resources.

This is why we aim to organise our internal processes and key services in a way that is as environment- and climate-friendly as possible. Therefore we have adopted an environmental management system according to EMAS.

Environment Agency Austria employees are committed to the protection of natural livelihoods and environmental improvement. Continuity in information and in the initiatives and projects within our organisation ensures that the requirements of the environmental management system are implemented.

The principles of our environmental policy

  • We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our activities and to continuously improving our environmental performance. We regularly review the environmental aspects of our work, we identify environmental indicators and we analyse them.
  • We define our environmental targets according to the EMAS environmental management system, we structure them and implement them efficiently. We do this by taking into account the expectations and concerns of our stakeholders which we analyse in detail.
  • We identify and assess relevant environmental aspects of our organisation; we identify environmental opportunities and the risks associated with them. To reduce risks and exploit opportunities, we design measures, define responsibilities and assess the impacts on corporate goals and on existing and further measures.

  • Employee protection and health care are very important to us. Safety experts and an occupational physician evaluate and advise on safety at work, workplace design and accident prevention.

  • If we want to achieve our environmental goals, we need all our employees to contribute. Hence, we provide them with Information on our intranet, at internal events and in training courses. We support employee initiatives and internal projects to help raise environmental awareness and promote lifestyle changes.

  • When selecting our suppliers, we check whether they conform to ecological criteria or have implemented an environmental management system. In our procurement procedures, environmental criteria are given priority wherever economically feasible.
  • We are committed to identifying legal requirements in the environment sector and other binding obligations, and to complying with them.

  • In our environmental programme we defi ne, on the basis of identified relevant environmental aspects, targets and measures that lead to an improved environmental performance of our company. We ensure that the programme is evaluated and adapted as part of the annual audit and management review.
  • Transparency is important for us. We publish our environmental statement on a regular basis to inform our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders about our objectives, measures and successes achieved in environmental protection. 



Environmental Statement [PDF, 9.3MB]

EMAS Validation [PDF, 113KB]

ISO Certificate [PDF, 105KB]