15 years of GM-free food in Austria

15 years of food produced in Austria without using genetic engineering and a study compiled by the Austrian Environment Agency comparing GM-free regulations in Austria, Germany, Frankreich and Italy were at the centre of a press conference in Vienna on 6 December.



In the next two years 14 project partners of 8 countries will push sustainable transport and tourism in the Danube region. The project TRANSDANUBE aims to identify solutions for mobility management through sustainable accessibility and interconnectivity between cities and regions along the Danube and implement them by environmentally sound mobility.


Options for Air Policy Revision

Contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities are welcome. This consultation marks the final stage of a broad consultation on the review of EU air policy foreseen to end in 2013 at the latest.


Environmentally friendly tourism in the Alps and the Carpathians

In Kosice (Slovakia) first results of the project "Access2Mountain", led by the Environment Agency Austria, were presented at a conference from 16 to 18 October. The focus of the project is on sustainable transport to and in tourism areas in the Alps and Carpathians.


US and EU Perspectives on Green and Sustainable Remediation, Part 5

This seminar on October 9, 10:00 is the fifth in the series on international green and sustainable remediation (GSR) efforts. This 2-hour seminar will address the upcoming Sustainable Remediation Conference 2012 in Vienna, Austria.


Twinning: Kick off in Georgia, final meeting in Ukraine

Cooperation between Austrian Environment Agency an EU partner countries in Eastern Europe: The most successful Austrian Twinning organization leads a new Twinning project in Georgia starting in September. About the same time the Georgian twinning starts the first commitment of the Environment Agency Austria in Ukraine ends.


Kick-off for Croatian Twinning Project

Environment Agency Austria supports Croatian authorities in the control of transboundary shipments of waste.


Major update to Europe’s ‘alien’ species catalogue

The key catalogue of information on ‘alien’ (non-native) species in Europe has undergone a major update. The DAISIE (Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventory for Europe) database allows the public and policymakers to get a comprehensive overview of which alien species are present in Europe, their impacts and consequences for the environment and society.


Opening ceremony of Twinning project

On 11 September 2012, at the Chamber of Economy in Zagreb the formal opening ceremony of Twinning project “Strengthening the capacities for control of transboundary movement of waste” was held.


Umweltbundesamt: Three new Twinning projects in Croatia

Since 1 June 2012, the Umweltbundesamt has been collaborating closely with Croatian authorities on two Twinning projects. "‘Finding solutions together for implementing EU environmental standards requires know-how and cross-cultural competence", says Georg Rebernig, Managing Director of the Umweltbundesamt.


Adaptation to Climate Change

Experts of all Eastern European Member States of the EU will discuss climate change challenges and options for action for Eastern European Member States in the workshop on June 27-28 in Vienna.


Serbia: a step closer to the EU in matters of nature conservation

At the closing event of the Twinning project “Strengthening Administrative Capacities for Protected Areas in Serbia (NATURA 2000)” on 6 June 2012 in Belgrade, the country’s most valuable ecosystems were once again the centre of attention.


First Project in Croatia successfully finished

On Thursday, 31 May 2012, the formal closing ceremony of Twinning project "Enforcement of the new Environmental Protection Act harmonized with EU legislation in cases of criminal offences against the environment" was held in Zagreb.


Adaptation to Climate Change

From the development of strategies to their implementation. First meeting of Alpine Space countries on 9 May 2012 in Bern.


ENCA Meeting in Austria

From April 22 to 24 the heads of European Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA) are meeting in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, for their annual ENCA meeting. Biodiversity strategies and invasive alien species are the focal points of their discussions.


Towards a 7th EU Environment Action Programme

Consultation on the EU environment policy priorities for 2020. The purpose of this consultation is to collect the views of all stakeholders, at EU and national level, and the public at large on the environment policy priorities up to 2020.


Umweltbundesamt contributing to „Green Serbia“

Serbia on its way to the European Union. Annual conference „Green Serbia“ held in Belgrad end of February 2012.


Austria´s Annual Air Emission Inventory 1990-2010

The new report on Austria’s Annual Air Emission Inventory 1990–2010, compiled by the Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) presents a summary of Austria’s provisional emission inventory for 2010 according to Article 8 of the NEC Directive.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2010

In 2010, the third year of the first commitment period under the Kyoto-Protocol, greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 84.6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents. This corresponds to an 8.2% increase against base-year levels and a 6.1% increase since 1990.


EU climate change adaptation strategy

Climate change mitigation and adaptation are two of the major parallel approaches to limit the impacts of climate change. “Effective climate change adaptation measures need to be put in place at different levels, but there must also be a strategy at European level”, says Georg Rebernig, managing director of the Umweltbundesamt.