Extreme weather driving countries to adapt to climate change

Adapting to climate change has reached the political agenda in most European countries, according to the most comprehensive analysis of adaptation in Europe published to date.


Climate change: Alpine countries take action!

Extreme weather events, the cost of resulting damage and the increasing accuracy of scientific forecasts about the consequences of climate change are forcing the European countries to take action.


Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube

The project partners of the TRANSDANUBE project, carried out under the leadership of the Environment Agency Austria, prepared Regional Action Plans for sustainable tourism in six countries along the Danube.


Environment Agency Austria: A reliable partner in the Western Balkans

Since August 2014 the Environment Agency Austria has been active in the Western Balkans with its engagement in three administrative partnerships.


Herbicide-resistant, genetically modified crops accelerate biodiversity loss

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the Environment Agencies of Switzerland and Austria critically evaluate the effects of growing herbicide-resistant, genetically modified crops over many years.


Cooperation on climate change mitigation in Southeast Asia

Environment Agency Austria supports Sinhalese institutions in developing an IPCC-compliant greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting system for the land use sector of Singapore


Development of a Black List of Invasive Species

Experts from the Environment Agency Austria and the University of Vienna proposed a method for the development of the global Black List. The aim is to prioritise these problematic species and make it easier to control them.


Leaders of European environment agencies discuss environmental issues of the future

Leaders of the European environment agencies met in Vienna on 24 and 25 April 2014 to discuss central European questions about environmental protection and engage in active networking.


Environment Agency Austria completes two Twinning projects in Croatia

In April 2014 the Environment Agency, Austria's largest organisation of ecological experts, completed two Twinning projects in Croatia. The purpose of these Twinning partnerships was to assist the Croatian administration in the implementation of EU standards.



International Conference on sustainable transport solutions for tourist regions in the Alps and in the Carpathians


New publication: Management of contaminated sites in Europe

On behalf of the European Commission, the Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) has been tracking the progress of the management and remediation of contaminated sites in EU Member States since 2006.


Environmental consulting in Bulgaria

The Environment Agency Austria provides support in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive


New Release: Climate Change Adaptation Manual

The new collection of case studies on climate change adaptation has been edited, among others, by Andrea Prutsch und Sabine McCallum, two experts from the Austrian Environment Agency.


New Emission Inventory

for the air pollutants SO2, NOx, NH3 and NMVOC – Trends 1990 - 2012


EU: stricter regulations for PAHs in consumer products as of 2015

From December 2015 onwards, the presence of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the plastic and rubber parts of consumer articles will be restricted to minimal levels.