Successful project completion in Croatia

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Vienna/Zagreb, 21 May 2015 – With a closing event in Zagreb the Environment Agency Austria concluded a six-month partnership project with the Croatian authorities. The aim of the project, in which experts from Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia and the Netherlands participated, was to make the proceedings against environmental crime more efficient and to better coordinate them.  In a comprehensive training programme for environmental inspectors and authority representatives the guidelines and recommendations which had been developed were put to the test during industrial emission monitoring. "In the last few years, Croatia has made major efforts to adapt its national legislation in the environment sector to the high European standards. We are glad that with our partnership projects we are able to contribute to the efficient implementation and application of these standards", says Georg Rebernig, Managing Director of the Environment Agency Austria.


The large number of guests who attended the event on 21 May 2015 included Hrvoje Dokoza, Deputy Minister for the Protection of the Environment of Croatia, as well as Georg Diwald, Minister Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy and Nirvana Sokolovski, Assistant Director of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency for EU Funds and Projects.

Key areas of cooperation


In the next two years Austrian experts, together with the Serbian authorities, will be evaluating the existing regulatory framework in the waste sector with regard to applicable EU legislation. They will also develop a strategy for implementing measures that are necessary for an integrated management of hazardous waste in Serbia. For some hazardous wastes such as end-of-life vehicles and waste electrical and electronic equipment, specific waste management plans will be developed. Training sessions and seminars will be organised to improve know-how on hazardous waste management in the institutions involved, e.g. the local and regional authorities.


Perspectives on Southeast Europe and beyond: 111 projects, 26 countries


The Environment Agency Austria is the leading organisation of experts for all environmental topics and media in Austria and, with a track record of more than 100 individual projects in 26 countries in Eastern and Southeast Europe and in the Mediterranean countries, an experienced project partner. The Environment Agency Austria builds bridges between the economy, science and politics at national and international level, while also developing perspectives on the sustainable development of society in Austria and in Europe. Through administrative partnerships – so-called Twinning projects – the Environment Agency Austria has been supporting Central and Southeast European authorities in important environmental matters since 1999. It has assisted them in institutional capacity building and in the implementation of EU law. The funds for these projects are provided by the EU.

The Environment Agency Austria in a nutshell


The Environment Agency, Austria‘s largest expert organisation for environmental issues, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015. With more than 450 staff members from 55 scientific disciplines, it is one of the largest employers in the environment sector in Austria today. In its 30-year history the Environment Agency Austria has, with its expertise, played a decisive role in environmental protection and monitoring in Austria and in Europe. To meet challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity or energy transition, the Environment Agency Austria develops strategies and solutions and provides them for decision-makers in politics, administration and the economy. At international level, the Environment Agency Austria is actively involved in more than 200 networks and bodies and provides advice e.g. to the European Parliament and the EU Commission.


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