Ukraine adopts EU-style management of electric and electronic waste

The Environment Agency Austria assists the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine in bringing waste management closer to EU Standards.


Austrian Know-how for climate change tasks in Western Balkan countries

Austria is taking an active role in supporting Western Balkan countries in building up capacities to manage climate change mitigation.


Kick-off for a new project in Serbia

In Belgrade a new project with the participation of the Environment Agency Austria has started, continuing to bring the West Balkan state closer to European standards.


Expert from the Environment Agency Austria to visit China

Our expert Jürgen Schneider will inform Chinese decision makers in Beijing about strategies to reduce air pollution in the EU and about air quality management in Austria.


Preliminary estimates for greenhouse gas emissions in 2015

Preliminary estimates show that emissions across the European Union in 2015 were 22% lower than 1990 levels, despite a slight increase compared to 2014, according to new reports from the European Environment Agency (EEA) published today. The reports confirm that the EU is well on course to meet its greenhouse gas emission target set for 2020.


Milan, Uherský Brod, Nicosia take top prizes in ‘My City’ photo competition

Photos taken in Milan (Italy), Uherský Brod (Czech Republic), Nicosia (Cyprus), have won the top three prizes in the European Environment Agency (EEA) photo competition which this year encouraged photographers to share moments captured in urban areas where they live, work, rest and play.


Implementing the Paris Agreement

International climate negotiations: Issues at Stake in View of the COP 22 Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh - a study compiled by Umweltbundesamt.


Non GM Danube Region Standards completed

Handover to ministers from 15 countries - In an one-year participatory process, and taking 15 nations into account, regionally harmonised standards for non-GM in the Danube region were developed: a standard on the definition of the non-GM production processes of food and its labelling and another standard on the risk-based control of non-GM production processes.


LAST MILE project

Can a cable car be a solution to reduce private car-use in tourism? What are the barriers for flexible mobility solutions in tourism? Partners of the project LAST MILE from 6 European countries will be meeting to visit good practices and discuss innovative solutions from 17th til 20th October 2016 in Catalonia (Spain).


Recommendations for a sustainable future in Austria

11th State-of-the-Environment Report - The report points to positive developments in many areas but also shows that Austria will have to face major challenges in the coming years.


Photography competition ‘My City’

The European Environment Agency (EEA) invited photographers to participate in the ‘My City’ photography competition. Now vote for your favourite photos!


Austrian know-how for Nepal

Apart from India, China and Bangladesh, Nepal is one of the countries with the worst air quality. The Nepalese Ministry of Population and Environment wants to change that and enlists the support of the Environment Agency Austria.


LAST MILE project

Which successful sustainable and flexible solutions to travel the last mile to a tourist’s destination do already exist? This was what LAST MILE project partners wanted to experience during an interregional exchange meeting and a study tour from 28 to 30 June 2016 in Lienz.


Legal obligations relating to emission measurements in the EU automotive sector

On behalf of the European Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study to analyse the discrepancy in NOx emissions between type-approval tests and real-world driving.


Joint efforts against plastics in the environment

Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter, EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella and Georg Rebernig, Managing director of the Environment Agency Austria, visited the Borealis plant in Schwechat to be informed about technical novelties concerning the reduction of plastic in the Environment.


European bathing water quality in 2015

The annual bathing water report from the European Environment Agency and the European Commission assesses bathing water quality in 2015, indicating where it is expected to be good in 2016.


Air pollution in Europe

On behalf of the European Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study to analyse air pollution hotspots in Europe and infringement procedures launched by the European Commission against Member States in noncompliance. The results are available now.


Environment Agency Austria supports Uzbekistan in environmental protection

The Environment Agency Austria has been supporting the State Committee for Nature Protection in Uzbekistan in environmental matters since the start of this year. In the next few months Uzbek experts will meet with Austrian experts on three occasions in Tashkent and Vienna to exchange their views on environmental issues.


Macedonian Partners on Study Visit in Vienna

Representatives from the Macedonian Environment Ministry and local environmental authorities are visiting the Environment Agency Austria from 9-13 May. The experts from the Western Balkan country have come to Austria to get a picture of the implementation of the European Industrial Emissions Directive.


Partners from Serbia visiting Vienna

In April a delegation of waste experts from the Serbian Environment Ministry, the Serbian Environment Agency and the Environment Ministry of the autonomous province of Vojvodina had a meeting in Vienna. The Meeting was hosted by the Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria.


Training course for international water experts

From 18 to 20 April, the Environment Agency Austria organised, on behalf of Eurostat (the European Union’s Statistical Office), a training course on European Water Statistics in Vienna. 21 participants from 15 countries took part.


Climate change and environment issues in focus in South East Europe

On the first of April the First High Level Ministerial Panel on Responding to Climate and Environmental Challenges in South East Europe took place in Montenegro. Among the high level representatives was Georg Rebernig, Managing Director of Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria.


Pollutants trapped in the cold

Since 2005 a team of international experts led by the Austrian Environment Agency has conducted research on the exposure of remote Alpine regions to persistent organic pollutants (so-called POPs), and developed new global methods.


Environment Agency Austria assists Ukraine in waste management

Kick-off event of a new two-year Twinning project on the collection and recycling of e-waste and used batteries was officially launched today at the Minister of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.


Successful completion of Twinning project in Algeria

In the last two years the Environment Agency Austria significantly contributed to a project aimed at establishing a national environmental information system in Algeria. The official closing event is taking place in Algiers on 18 February.


Environment Agency Austria supports Croatia in environmental reporting

Kick-off: In February 2016 the Croatian Environment Agency starts conducting review of the Croatian Environment Pollutant Register. In this review it receives support from Austrian, German and French experts under the leadership of the Environment Agency Austria.


Integrated water management for EU neighbouring countries

Since 5 February, the Environment Agency Austria has been participating in a large-scale project in the southern Mediterranean, with the aim to establish sustainable water management strategies and practices.


Kick-off meeting of a new Environment Agency Austria project in Macedonia

A new project which is aimed at the implementation of the Industrial Emissions Directive in Macedonia startet in Skopje. The aim of the collaboration with the Austrian experts is to lay the legal foundation for the reduction of emissions from industrial installations.


Memorandum of Understanding with Uzbekistan

In a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in Vienna at the end of January, the Managing Director of the Environment Agency Austria, Georg Rebernig, and the Chairman of the State Committee for Nature Protection, Bakhtiyor Abdusamatov, laid the foundations for the future collaboration between Austria and Uzbekistan in the field of environmental protection.


Heads of environment and nature conservation agencies in Brussels

On 19 January 2016 two delegations from European environment and nature conservation agencies will be meeting with Daniel Calleja Crespo, the new Director of the Directorate-General for the Environment at the European Commission. Plastics in the environment and nature conservation are on the Agenda.