Partners from Serbia visiting Vienna

Austrian experts provide support on the path towards the European Union

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Vienna, 27 April 2016 - A few days ago a delegation of waste experts from the Serbian Environment Ministry, the Serbian Environment Agency and the Environment Ministry of the autonomous province of Vojvodina had a meeting in Vienna. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain information about state of the art techniques for the collection and treatment of hazardous waste and to share experiences with Austrian authorities about installation permits and inspections. The meeting was hosted by the Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria). The Environment Agency Austria has been supporting the Western Balkan states in the implementation of Community environmental law for more than ten years. “The meeting is an important element of our cooperation with our partners in the region”, says Georg Rebernig, Managing Director of the Environment Agency Austria. “In the area of foreign, economic and environmental policy, it is important for our partners that we strive to find common ground for a rapprochement with the EU and for EU accession. We support our partners by building bridges across institutions and in this way we ultimately contribute to a higher environmental quality in the whole of Europe.”

On-site visits in four regions


During their one-week stay the experts visited waste treatment facilities in Vienna as well as in the federal states of Lower Austria, Styria and Burgenland. The programme included visits to a facility where end-of-life vehicles are drained and shredded, a hazardous waste incineration plant and treatment plants for residues from waste incineration and other hazardous wastes. The visit to Vienna took place in the framework of an Environment Agency project which is currently running and aimed at the improvement of hazardous waste management in Serbia.


Perspectives on Southeast Europe and beyond: 112 projects, 27 countries


The Environment Agency Austria is the leading organisation of experts for all environmental topics and media in Austria and, with a track record of more than 100 individual projects in 27 countries in Eastern and Southeast Europe and in the Mediterranean countries, an experienced project partner. The Environment Agency Austria builds bridges between the economy, science and politics at national and international level, while also developing perspectives on the sustainable development of society in Austria and in Europe and beyond. Through administrative partnerships – so-called Twinning projects – the Environment Agency Austria has been supporting Central and Southeast European authorities in important environmental matters since 1999. It has assisted them in institutional capacity building and in the implementation of EU law. The funds for these projects are provided by the EU.


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