Video competition: I LIVE GREEN

The video competition ‘I LIVE GREEN’, organised by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its partner network, invites all Europeans to show their creativity and to share their actions to help the environment.


Umweltbundesamt shares laboratory know how with partners in Caucasus countries

In the framework of the EU funded project European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership, the Umweltbundesamt organized a regional workshop for laboratory institutions from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Kick-off for waste project in Serbia

Umweltbundesamt and partners assist Serbia in the preparation of a new waste strategy and get a new national waste management plan off the ground


Umweltbundesamt participates in National Policy Dialogue in Ukraine

Austrian experts present transnational water Project and discuss ongoing reforms in the water sector


Implementing the Paris Agreement

International climate negotiations: New challenges in view of the COP 23 Climate Change Conference in Bonn. A new study compiled by Umweltbundesamt provides an overview of the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015.


Joining forces of climate adaptation and risk reduction

The Umweltbundesamt participates in the EU-funded project PLACARD, which facilitates the exchange of know-how and harmonizes approaches in these two spheres.


Preventing climate-driven species extinctions: a near impossible task

Study by Umweltbundesamt and University of Vienna: Climate change puts many animal and plant species under pressure. The effectiveness of measures is limited.


Regions and cities as pioneers of future-proof mobility

In the framework of the EU funded project “Last Mile” project partners develop demand-oriented solutions for sustainable regional mobility in six partner countries


Managing and protecting water resources in Armenia

Umweltbundesamt provides support for national authorities in the framework of the EUWI+ project. The Austrian experts will support enhancing personnel and technical capacities of the national laboratory to prepare the ground for international accreditation.


Invasive alien species: a prioritised list for risk assessment

An international team of researchers, including Environment Agency Austria expert Wolfgang Rabitsch, provides concrete suggestions as to which invasive alien species should be prioritised for risk assessment in the next few years.


Summer Ozone 2017

The number of exceedances of the Information Threshold until 31 August 2017 was significantly below the long-term average of 18 exceedances.


New project for the Environment Agency Austria in Croatia

In the next one and a half years, the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature will be working intensively to develop its national environmental information system and adapt it to European standards. Experts of the Environment Agency Austria will assist them.


Transdanube.Pearls explores the Upper Austrian Danube region

In the course of a study visit organized as part of the Umweltbundesamt's project “Transdanube.Pearls” around 40 participants visited the Upper Austrian Danube region and Werfenweng.


Expert mission to Central Asian States

On 10-11 July, high-ranking representatives from the European Union, the Umweltbundesamt and the environment agencies of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan met in Astana/ Kazakhstan.


Green Public Procurement and the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy

The Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt) carried out a study for the EU Parliament on the applicability of ongoing initiatives on green public procurement.


Update of the Croatian Environment Pollutant Register

Closing event of the Umweltbundesamt’s project “Improvement of Croatian Environmental Pollutant Register (EPR) and its Integration into Croatian Environmental Information System” in Zagreb


Successful completion of the Umweltbundesamt's first project in Israel

On 8 June the Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, completes its first project in Israel with an official closing event in Tel Aviv. Environmental protection and corporate environmental management were at the heart of the project.


Environment Agencies: EU Plastics Strategy needs to consider environmental issues

The Interest Group Plastics within the EPA Network presented a discussion paper on the EU Plastics Strategy with seven recommendations that can help reduce plastic input into the environment.


European water standards for Macedonia

Macedonia faces the challenge of bringing water protection closer to EU-standards. To achieve this, the Macedonian authorities have enlisted the help of the experts from the Environment Agency Austria.


Successful project completion in Serbia

Hazardous waste management was at the centre of a project of the Environment Agency Austria in Serbia, completed on 30 May with an official closing event in Belgrade.


Action plans for water resource management in the EU's neighbouring countries

First milestones of the transboundary water project of the Environment Agency Austria and partners have been reached.


Industrial Emission Project in Macedonia successfully finalized

Closing Event in Skopje: In the last two years Macedonia has taken important steps to reduce industrial emissions and laid the basis to improve the environmental situation for the future. This was made clear during the final ceremony of an EU funded project in the field of industrial Pollution.


On water mission to Uzbekistan

Experts of the Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, train Uzbek authorities in sustainable water management.


Cooperation with Kyrgyzstan

In a Memorandum of Cooperation, signed April 3 in Kyrgyzstan´s capital Bishkek Austria and Kygryzstan laid the foundations for the future collaboration between the two countries in the field of environmental protection.


What does nature mean to you?

The European Environment Agency invites European citizens to participate in this year's photo competition NATURE@work, open to all European citizens over the age of 18. Photos can be submitted until 15 August.


From the Black Forest to the Black Sea without a car

In the next two years Environment Agency Austria and Partners will make the Danube region a sustainable mobility ‘model region’ for Europe


Better air quality for Azerbaijan

In the next two years experts of the Environment Agency Austria and their partners will support the Azerbaijan authorities in modernising the air quality monitoring system.


Kick off for new environmental project in Croatia

The new co-operation project focuses on environmental inspection and environmental standards of Croatian industrial plants. At the kick-off meeting in Zagreb, Umweltbundesamt experts presented the work programme to their Croatian Partners.


Umweltbundesamt supports EU neighbours in water resources management

Cross-border water project in six countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.


Outlook 2017: Focus on international networking

Networking with science, the economy, administration and politics will continue to dominate the Environment Agency Austria’s activities in 2017. The focus will be on international engagement.


Usbek delegation visiting the Environment Agency Austria

A delegation of Usbek water management experts is currently visiting the Environment Agency Austria to find out how water resources can be used economically and efficiently. The Austrian experts are giving their guests an insight into the Austrian water information system WISA and its applications.


Environmental experts from Israel on study trip to Vienna

A high-level delegation of Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection is currently visiting the Environment Agency Austria as part of a study tour to Austria and Germany. The aim is to find out about permitting procedures for industrial installations and approaches to environmental inspection in Europe.


Air Quality Project in Macedonia successfully finalized

Since May 2015 experts of the Umweltbundesamt have been working together with the Macedonian Environmental Information Centre in order to build up emission inventories and emission reduction programmes.


Starting an EU-wide Human Biomonitoring initiative

Under HBM4EU more than 100 organisations from 26 countries will be working on putting together and expanding Human Biomonitoring activities in Europe so that they will become an established practice tool in European environmental, chemicals and health policy.


Greenhouse gas balance 2015: slight increase in Austria’s emissions

According to the Environment Agency Austria’s annual statement of emissions for 2015, Austria’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by 3.2% increase between 2014 and 2015, amounting to 78.9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2015.