Europe Day: Environment Agency Austria makes countries fit for the EU

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The Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, is one of the leading environmental advisors in Europe. As environmental expert institution, it has been supporting new and future EU member states in the environment sector for more than 20 years in the development of administrations and national legislation. Currently the Environment Agency Austria is active in the Western Balkans and in Turkey, on behalf of the EU Commission.


Vienna, 9 March 2019 – Over the next three years the EU Commission will invest more than two million euros in the implementation of European environmental standards in the Western Balkans and in Turkey. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Turkey, and to prepare them for EU accession in the environment sector. They are supported by experts from the Environment Agency Austria and NIRAS, an international consultancy company.


“For our partners in the Western Balkans region it is important from a foreign, economic and environmental policy perspective to find a joint path towards EU rapprochement and accession,” says Georg Rebernig, Managing Director of the Environment Agency Austria. “We support our partners by building bridges between institutions and by ultimately contributing to better environmental quality across Europe.”

Environmental protection knows no boundaries


Over the next few years, environmental authorities in the Western Balkans region will work closely together to implement EU air, waste, water and nature protection requirements. Austrian experts and their partners will assist the candidate countries with their know-how and experience in building administrative capacity, developing air quality management programmes and waste management plans, and in protecting the marine and coastal environment. Another aim is to increase citizen participation in developing these plans and programmes in Turkey and in the Western Balkan countries. The collaboration is funded by the European Union.

The Environment Agency Austria in a Nutshell


The Environment Agency Austria is Austria’s most important environmental expert institution and a leading adviser on environmental matters in Europe. The Environment Agency Austria stands for a transformation of the economy and society to ensure sustainable living. Our experts provide the basis for decision making at local, regional, European and international level.


The Environment Agency Austria has a demonstrable track record of successful projects in more than 60 countries – from the new EU Member States to the Western Balkans, the Middle East, the Maghreb countries and Asia. The Environment Agency Austria works as an adviser to UN and EU institutions and as a partner in more than 200 national, European and international networks, bodies, and working groups.


Further information:

Petra Kestler, Environment Agency Austria, Press Office, phone: +43 1 313 04 5432