LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen

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The LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen is the flagship of Austrian long-term ecosystem research. It is based on a unique concentration of research infrastructure and research projects in a well-documented region. The realisation of the scheme for an LTSER Platform in the region of Eisenwurzen is an important Austrian contribution to the advancement of the European research scene.

The spatial delineation of the LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen is based on socio-economic and scientific criteria. It comprises 99 communities with an area of approximately 5,740 km² situated in the borderland of the federal provinces of Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria. All communities belonging to regional development associations connected with “Eisenwurzen” or “Eisenstrasse”, LEADER Regions or natural parks were incorporated.

Status quo of the LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen

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The current activities of long-term ecological research in the Eisenwurzen region can be divided into seven subject areas: woodland, consequences of climate change, biological diversity, rural areas, freshwater ecology, sustainable protection of karst water and material cycles.

These subject areas are linked more or less closely, or they represent single institution initiatives and research projects. Regional key players and decision makers are directly involved in the projects. Apart from this, the Eisenwurzen region is well organised: The associations for the regional development of Eisenwurzen and Eisenstrasse (one per each of the federal provinces represented in the Eisenwurzen region) have been incorporated into an umbrella organisation. They provide a good line of communication to interested communities and persons involved in regional development.