Basic data on the model region of Eisenwurzen

Experiences with the development and initiation of projects in 2004 showed that the easy availability of basic data on the region was an important criterion for the acceptance and selection of the region as a research area. From various requests, the following subject areas and data types were selected for which information on existing data pools should be promptly available.


The selected data range from administrative data, e.g. the boundaries of municipalities and districts, to natural characteristics like climate, soil or geology, the biotic setting, e.g. species richness and abundance, as well as cultural and socio-economic characteristics.


The data pools were researched and characterised by the following criteria:

  • Short description
  • Reference
  • Source
  • Data format
  • Projection (spatial data)
  • Contact person
  • Handling
  • Time and effort spent on processing (in preparation of data transfer)
  • Availability