Institutions and participants involved in the LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen

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The region of Eisenwurzen is a coherent area in respect of natural conditions and landscape as well as land use history. Besides several research facilities with an ecological and/or socio-economic focus, it features a well-organised regional development system.

The requirement that research should be based on a maximum of existing facilities was a major criterion for the selection of the region of Eisenwurzen. According to ALTER-Net, these existing facilities comprise all institutions, associations, data holders, measuring facilities, stakeholders etc. that are of relevance to the integrative investigation of whole landscapes. Thus all groups with a need for information and therefore contributing to the development of research topics, like local decision makers, are also relevant.


The wide range of thematic orientations allows an inter- and trans-disciplinary response to questions “raised by the region and handled for the region”.