Overview of Project Results



The Final Brochure provides an overview of URBAN SMS Project and its results.


It informs the reader on multifunctional character of soil and their importance in urbanized areas, it identifies the major problems of land exploitation in cities and their surroundings and underlines the need of urban soil management strategy and consideration of soil related issues in urban planning. Further it describes the work carried under the URBAN SMS project and explains the solutions provided. Finally it provides a comprehensive information on key project outputs and on a complete set of project results.


To enable as wide access to project results as possible, the Brochure is available apart of English also in national languages.

Download language mutations of Final Brochure: EN [PDF, 4.8MB], CZ [PDF, 2.5MB], DE [PDF, 4.5MB], IT [PDF, 3.4MB], PL [PDF, 22MB], SK [PDF, 1.7MB], SL [PDF, 1.4MB]