State of the Environment 1999

State of the Environment in Austria Report

© Umweltbundesamt

The 1999 "State of the Environment in Austria" report is the second publication of the Federal Environment Agency since 1997 which gives an extensive account of the situation of the environment in Austria in English. The purpose of this publication is to provide up-to-date information on the Austrian environment at an international level. The publication comprises approximately 120 pages and is essentially a shortened translated version of the "Fifth State of the Environment Report".


The present English summary of the fifth State of the Environment report gives once again a picture of the situation of the environment in Austria. It emphasises the areas of the Austrian environmental policy where significant improvements were achieved, such as the reduction of air pollutant emissions and the improvement of the quality of running waters. 


It also mentions those areas where there is need for action at the national and international levels such as transport, climate protection and renewable energy. 

In the preface the Federal Minister for the Environment Dr. Martin Bartenstein makes the following statement:

"As in the past, this State of the Environment report was written by experts of the Federal Environment Agency, whose work has always been valued by all political parties represented in the National Assembly as a well-documented technical basis for the political discussion of environmental issues in Austria."