Environmental Information System upgraded

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Umweltbundesamt supports integration of Seveso database and chemical safety - database was upgraded for quick responding and prevention of major accidents. read more
European Water Initiative Plus

Water quality monitoring in the EU Neighbourhood

Programme for 2019 in the EUWI+ project: Solutions for water resource management in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. read more
Nordic countries

Landfill leachates low in microplastics

The Environment Agency Austria analyzed landfill leachates from Nordic countries for microplastics and tyre wear on behalf of the Swedish company AF. read more
World Water Day 2019

Austrian know-how for water protection in Serbia

Umweltbundesamt assists in implementation of EU Water Framework Directive and will work on a national water management plan for Serbia in the next 18 month. read more
Austro-German study on behalf of the European Commission

How much energy does the cloud need?

Experts analyse how much energy cloud computing requires and how energy efficiency can be taken into account in public cloud service procurement. read more

Umweltbundesamt- Study

Air Quality measurement in the EU

On behalf of the EU Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study to gain deeper insights into representativeness and comparability of air quality measurement in the EU. read more

Updated Figures

Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2017

In 2017 GHG emissions amounted to 82.3 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents. This corresponds to a 3.3% increase compared to 2016. read more

News from EEA


Almost all car makers met their 2017 CO2 emission targets on new sales...

All but three car manufacturers met their specific emission targets in 2017, based on current European vehicle test rules. Never...


Better planning and methods needed to restore nature

Maintaining natural capital is vital for the function of our societies and people's well-being. A new briefing from the European...


Industrial emissions to water decreased in Europe but current levels a...

Direct emissions released to water bodies from Europe's large industrial sites have decreased in recent years for many pollutant...

Latest News


Air Quality measurement in the EU On behalf of the European Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study related to air quality...


Croatian Environmental Information System upgraded The Umweltbundesamts assisted Croatia in the field of chemicals and hazardous substances Monitori...


World Water Day 2019: Austrian know-how for wat... World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water....

English Studies & Reports

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Sachstandsbericht Mobilität und mögliche Zielpfade zur Erreichung der Klimaziele 2050 mit dem Z... Das Umweltbundesamt hat im Sachstandsbericht Mobilität im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Ve...

Eignungsprüfung zur Immissionsmessungen 2018. Im Report sind die Resultate dieser Eignungsprüfung zusammengefasst. Getestet wurde die Kompeten...

Verdachtsflächenkataster und Altlastenatlas. Stand: 1. Jänner 2019. Im Bericht Verdachtsflächenkataster und Altlastenatlas gibt das Umweltbundesamt einen Überblick...