Environment Agency Austria

Review 2018 - Preview 2019

The global sustainability goals, the resource water, the circular economy and mobility were the main areas of the Environment Agency Austria's work in 2018. read more
Nordic countries

Landfill leachates low in microplastics

The Environment Agency Austria analyzed landfill leachates from Nordic countries for microplastics and tyre wear on behalf of the Swedish company AF. read more
Umweltbundesamt- Study

Air Quality and urban traffic in the EU

On behalf of the EU Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study to gain deeper insights into air quality problems of cities and regions, which are often caused by traffic. read more
First study of its kind

Microplastics discovered in human stools

Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna and the Environment Agency Austria detected microplastic particles in a group of international participants. read more
DaRe to Connect

Green Belt: Borders divide. Nature unites!

11 partners from 8 European countries are developing recommendations for improving the ecological network of protected areas along the Green Belt. read more
Challenges and opportunities of EU accession

Wastewater management in the Danube region

klaeranlgroegerUBA D1330
An expert team conducted a study to assess the results of the implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive in the Danube Region. read more
European Water Initiative Plus

Water quality monitoring in the EU Neighbourhood

Programme for 2019 in the EUWI+ project: Solutions for water resource management in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. read more

Updated Figures

Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2017

In 2017 GHG emissions amounted to 82.3 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents. This corresponds to a 3.3% increase compared to 2016. read more

Western Balkans

Recommendations for water protection in Macedonia

Together with experts, Macedonia has been working for the last two years on the development of a strategy for bringing national water protection up to EU standards. read more

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Improving technology, more efficient operations, better airports and market-based measures have not been enough to mitigate the ...


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Review 2018 - Preview 2019 The global sustainability goals, the resource water, the circular economy and mobility were the m...


Austria’s greenhouse gas emissions increased... Austria’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by about 3.3 % between 2016 and 2017, amounting to...


EUWI+: New year, new energy for water policy re... Umweltbundesamt hosts this year’s kick off for coordinating activities towards European integra...

English Studies & Reports

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Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2017. In "Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2017" the Umweltbundesamt presents updated f...

NPP Wylfa Newydd (UK). Expert Statement on the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Which national policy Instruments can reduce Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions? The INNOVATE project analysed Austria’s consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions. This repor...