Environmental consulting in Bulgaria

Support in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive

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The project partners will be developing methods to assess the good ecological status of rivers, lakes and coastal waters until November 2016. read more
plastic, ambient air, house dust

Proficiency testing scheme

The testing laboratory of the Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) offers 2014 profiency tests in a variety of matrices. read more
Environmental Expertise & IT Know-how

IT- Solutions

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Vast experience in development and operation of environmental software and IT applications. read more
Laboratory Services

Interlaboratory Comparisons

The accredited testing laboratory for environmental, GMO and fuel analysis at the Environment Agency Austria offers interlaboratory comparisons. read more
What we do

Our Services & References

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Over the years, Umweltbundesamt has completed numerous projects in various environmental fields. read more
New Release

Climate Change Adaptation Manual

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A new collection of case studies on climate change adaptation which comprises more than 300 pages has been edited, among others, by experts from the Umweltbundesamt. read more
Risks Associated with their Application

New plant breeding Techniques

An overview and a discussion of biosafety–related aspects of the application of biotechnology-based approaches in plant breeding. read more

Air Pollution

Latest measurements from all monitoring sites

Overview of the current concentrations at all monitoring sites. Everyone can contribute to clean air, e.g. by cutting back on driving or by saving energy. read more

New publication

Management of contaminated sites in Europe

The number of significantly contaminated sites across Europe is estimated to be 342.000. Around a third have been identified and investigations carried out. read more

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Summer ozone at harmful levels in 2013

Ground-level ozone exceeded legal limits in every Member State and at many individual measurement sites during summer 2013, accord...


New mapping method for 'green infrastructure', Europe's vital natural ...

Healthy natural areas often fulfil important yet unseen functions, from preventing floods to filtering air. A new report from the ...


New mobile phone app will help track marine litter

People will soon be able to report the litter they find on the beach, thanks to a new mobile phone app developed by the European E...

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puremobility2puremountains International Conference on sustainable transport solutions for tourist regions in the Alps and i...


New publication: Management of contaminated sit... On behalf of the European Commission, the Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria) has been t...


Environmental consulting in Bulgaria The Environment Agency Austria provides support in the implementation of the Water Framework Dire...

English Studies & Reports

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New Plant Breeding Techniques and Risks Associated with their Application. This study addresses new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) and, in particular, issues relevant fo...

Austria´s National Inventory Report 2014. The National Inventory Report 2014 (NIR 2014) gives a detailed and comprehensive description of t...

Austria´s Informative Inventory Report (IIR) 2014. In the Informative Inventory Report (IIR) 2014 the Umweltbundesamt presents a comprehensive and d...