Circular Economy

Public Procurement & EU Action Plan

The Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt) carried out a study for the EU Parliament on the applicability of ongoing initiatives. read more
We offer an

EEA Position for NTS

Master/PhD or PostDoc Position for implementation of an LC-HR-MS/MS method for Non-Target Screening in the aquatic Environment. read more
Project Meeting in Upper Austria

Transdanube.Pearls in the Danube region

From 3-7 July project partners discussed the progress of their work on the implementation of sustainable mobility offers for tourist along the Danube. read more
Tel Aviv

Successful completion of our first project in Israel

Experts supported Israel’s Ministry in improving the legal framework for environmental protection and environmental management in companies. read more
Air emission

Austria´s Informative Inventory Report 2017

The Report (IIR) presents detailed description of trends and methodologies applied in the Austrian Air Emission Inventory for air pollutants. read more
Expert Workshop

Towards Animal Free Safety Assessments

Results of the First Austrian Workshop for In Vitro & In Silico Approaches to Safety Assessment of Chemicals and Environmental Media published. read more


Summer Ozone 2017

The number of exceedances of the Information Threshold in summer was significantly below the long-term average of 18 exceedances. read more

Twinning in Zagreb

New Collaboration in Croatia

Aim of the project is to improve monitoring of chemicals and hazardous substances and the implementation of European standards. read more

News from EEA


CO2 emissions from cars and vans: all larger manufacturers met their 2...

Based on current testing rules in force, virtually all car and van manufacturers have met their specific CO2 emissions target in 2...


European hazardous waste management improving, but its prevention need...

Despite improvements in hazardous waste management, more measures would be required to prevent the build-up of hazardous waste acr...


TERM 2016: Fundamental changes needed for sustainable mobility

What changes are needed in order to move towards a more sustainable mobility system in Europe' A European Environment Agency (EEA)...

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Summer Ozone 2017 The number of exceedances of the Information Threshold until 31 August 2017 was significantly bel...


New project for the Environment Agency Austria... In the next one and a half years, the Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature will be work...


Transdanube.Pearls explores the Upper Austrian... In the course of a study visit organized as part of the Umweltbundesamt's project “Transdanube....

English Studies & Reports

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Klimaschutzbericht 2017. Im Jahr 2015 wurden in Österreich rd. 78,9 Mio. Tonnen CO2-Äquivalent emittiert. Damit lagen di...

SUM-FOOD: Regionale Lebensmittelpfade am Beispiel der Stadt Wien für die Produktgruppe Gemüse. Im Bericht werden die Wechselwirkungen zwischen der Stadt Wien und ihrem Umland hinsichtlich der...

Reduktion der Benzo(a)pyren-Belastung. Polyzyklische Aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe (PAK) entstehen bei der unvollständigen Verbrennung...