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Your environment is our mission

We provide sustainable solutions and create ecological and economic added value for our clients. read more
Zero Pellet Loss-Initiative

Joint efforts against plastics in the environment

In order to reduce plastics in the Environment, a Europe-wide procedure and a stakeholder dialogue are essential. read more
In the spotlight: urban environment

Photography competition ‘My City’

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EEA invites professional and amateur photographers to participate in the ‘My City’ photography competition and share the moments they captured in European cities. read more
Laboratory Services

Guaranteed accuracy in water quality measurements

Interlaboratory comparisons to prove the analytical competence of laboratories. Programm for 2016.
New: Proficiency Test for Pesticides in Drinking Water! read more
annual bathing water report

High quality of Austrian bathing sites

96% of European bathing sites and 99.6% of Austrian bathing sites meet the standards for water Quality. read more

Training Center

National Greenhouse Gas and Air Emission Inventory

We offer tailor-made support for the establishment or improvement of a national or regional emission inventory. read more

Legal obligations

Emission measurements in the EU automotive sector

On behalf of the EU Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study to analyse the discrepancy in NOx emissions between type-approval tests and real-world driving. read more

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Air pollution from agriculture: EU exceeds international limit in 2014...

Ammonia emissions in Europe have fallen since 1990, but by not as much as emissions of other air pollutants tracked under an inter...


Building resilient cities key to tackling effects of climate change...

Cities across Europe must step up their adaptation efforts if they are to handle the increasingly complex challenges caused by cli...


Towards clean and smart mobility

Transport plays a critical role in the way we live. Our food, clothes and household waste all need to be transported, contributing...

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LAST MILE project Which successful sustainable and flexible solutions to travel the last mile to a tourist’s dest...


Legal obligations relating to emission measurem... On behalf of the European Parliament the Umweltbundesamt conducted a study to analyse the discrep...


Joint efforts against plastics in the environment Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter, EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella and Georg Rebernig...

English Studies & Reports

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Klimaschutzbericht 2016. Im Jahr 2014 wurden in Österreich rd. 76,3 Mio. Tonnen CO2-Äquivalent emittiert. Damit lagen di...

Bromierte Flammschutzmittel in der Umwelt. Das Umweltbundesamt hat die Flammschutzmittel Tetrabrombisphenol A, Hexabromcyclododecan, Decabro...

Ökobilanz alternativer Antriebe. Der vorliegende Report untersucht Treibhausgas- und Luftschadstoffemissionen sowie den kumulierte...