11 State-of-the-Environment Report

Recommendations for a sustainable future in Austria

The Report describes the environmental situation from 2013 to 2016 and shows positive developments but also major challenges for the next years. read more
Laboratory Service


A new analysis package for Origin verification, GMO- and pesticide of soy beans was developed by Imprint Analytics in cooperation with Umweltbundesamt. read more

Kick-off for a new project in Belgrade

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EPTISA and the Environment Agency Austria support Serbian authorities in further developing the national approximation strategy in the environmental sector. read more
Training Center

National Greenhouse Gas and Air Emission Inventory

We offer tailor-made support for the establishment or improvement of a national or regional emission inventory. read more
State of the Art

Slaughter and Animal By-products Industries

Description of processes and techniques applied in Slaughterhouses and Animal By-products Industries. The focus lies on environmentally relevant techniques and processes. read more
Western Balkan countries

Austrian Know-how for climate change tasks

Austria is taking an active role in supporting Western Balkan countries in building up capacities to manage climate change mitigation. read more

Circular Economy and Plastics: Opportunities and Challenges

Register now for the 13th International Conference on the Recycling and Recovery of Plastics from 22-23 February 2017 in Vienna. read more


Greenhouse gas balance 2015

According to the annual statement of emissions for 2015, Austria’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by 3.2% increase between 2014 and 2015. read more


EU-style management of electric and electronic waste

A new model for the management of electrical and electronic waste in Ukraine was designed by the Environment Agency Austria and Partners. read more

News from EEA


CO2 emissions from cars and vans: all larger manufacturers met their 2...

Based on current testing rules in force, virtually all car and van manufacturers have met their specific CO2 emissions target in 2...


European hazardous waste management improving, but its prevention need...

Despite improvements in hazardous waste management, more measures would be required to prevent the build-up of hazardous waste acr...


TERM 2016: Fundamental changes needed for sustainable mobility

What changes are needed in order to move towards a more sustainable mobility system in Europe' A European Environment Agency (EEA)...

Latest News


Greenhouse gas balance 2015: slight increase in... According to the Environment Agency Austria’s annual statement of emissions for 2015, Austria...


Ukraine adopts EU-style management of electric... The Environment Agency Austria assists the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine in bringin...


Austrian Know-how for climate change tasks in W... Austria is taking an active role in supporting Western Balkan countries in building up capacities...

English Studies & Reports

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Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2015. In "Austria's Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2015" the Umweltbundesamt presents updated f...

State of the Art in the Slaughter and Animal By-products Industries. In this report the experts of the Umweltbundesamt describe processes and techniques applied in in...

Implementation of new nuclear power plant units at the Paks site. Environmental Impact Assessment Report on the proposed activity Consultation Report.